Princeton Will Resume Transfer Admissions

"Since 1990, Princeton University has not admitted transfer students -- even as a growing number of colleges have embraced transfer admissions as a way to attract a more diverse student body than is possible relying on full-time freshman enrollment.

On Tuesday, the university announced plans to change. The university, as part of a new strategic plan, said that it will have a transfer plan in place by 2018. The strategic plan will also result in an additional 125 students being admitted each year (through a variety of means besides transfer). When four classes are admitted, the existing number of undergraduates, 5,200, will go up by 500. In expanding, the university said that it would make "a concerted effort to identify and attract more students from low-income families and ensure these students receive the support they need once they are on campus." (This is the second time in a decade that Princeton has increased the size of its undergraduate student body and linked those increases to efforts to diversify.)"

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